Baotou Foreign Language Experimental School

In order to raise the level of foreign language teaching in Baotou the local government and the Education Bureau first went to the developed areas and learnt from their experience in education. Following this, the Baotou Foreign Language Experimental School was ratified and established.

Baotou Foreign Language Experimental School is a new style private boarding school. The school administration is led from the board of directors own to the headmaster, the main shareholder is the science education industry and commerce company, which is a SOE of the Baotou Education Bureau and has injected the full amount of funds.

The school will have a primary and middle school departments. The current plan is for there to be 54 classes, with a capacity for 1800 students to study. According to the plan the primary and middle schools will be linked, with the primary school consisting of six years of education with 36 classes and an average class size of 32. The middle school will consist of six years of education with 18 classes and an average class size of 36. The school is located to the east of the Saihantala Park and to the south of the Olympic Park occupying a total of 52,355m2 (78.5mu). The school consists of a teaching building, student dormitory and canteen, the entire construction occupies a total of 15,616m2.

Baotou Foreign Language Experimental School is a school which has an especially high GSP in foreign language teaching, a high level school. The Nanjing Foreign Language School Xianlin campus has sent a headmaster to Baotou, on the basis of the situation on the ground will use the experience of The Nanjing Foreign Language School Xianlin campus to put into place ‘small class’ teaching. Foreign language teaching must make listening and speaking catch up with reading and writing and put into practice the “composition, circumstance, communication” teaching method. Further, foreign teachers must be hired so that the students can lay strong and stable foundations for foreign language learning which will last a lifetime. With the foundation of the national curriculum the school will also provide many optional classes as well as high honours classes in order to unearth and cultivate the natural talents of the students. “We need to be educating students for their future not our past”. The school will take the achievements of the students to made advancements in society, indeed it is the aim of education to help achieve societal achievements.

  • Emphasise all aspects of education, stress personalization
  • Emphasise the national curriculum, stress foreign language teaching’s special characteristics
  • Emphasise the promotion of quality education, whilst at the same time making breakthroughs in comprehensive cultivation of the students’ skills (including examination ability)
  • Pay close attention to the career plans of the students, and increase guidance for extra-curricular studies
  • Provide a layered style of learning with streamed classes whilst paying attention to the individual differences of the students and continuing to provide a multiplicity of opportunities

Under the leadership of the government, with the support of the Education Bureau and under the guidance of the systems for running a school, we will made the Baotou Foreign Language Experimental School the most excellent foreign language school in the west of China.