Student Recruitment

General overview

Application Process:

Browse through the student recruitment information register on the school website、apply go to the school resources page and pay the fee interview at the school pay tuition fee receive admissions notice(by post or at the school)

2017 Primary, Year 1 New Student Admission

2017 Middle School, Year 7 New Student Recruitment Student Admission

School Fees

Bring documents and pay the school admission fee, attend an interview

After filling in the student admission form online,you’ll be notified of an interview time,please can parents and students on the date of notification arrive at the school with all necessary documents and the admission fee(100 RMB).After the documents have been checked they will then proceed to an interview. Directly after the interview the students will be told of the result and receive the ‘Parents Handbook’.

What you need to bring to the interview(*Required documents):
Primary School:
  • *1. Original Birth Certificate - Original and photocopy
  • *2. Family Hukou Certificate - Original and photocopy(Family page、parents page、children page)
  • *3. Vaccinations Card
  •  4. Nursery School Progress Card - Original and photocopy
Middle School:
  • *1. Family Hukou Certificate - Original and photocopy(Family page、parents page、children page)
  • *2. Year 4-6 Primary School School Results Card

If you would like to book an appointment or apply for a consultation,please contact the student recruitment office consultation telephone number:

15661513666  Director Quincy

13190730888  Miss Zhou

Student recruitment hotline:0472-5350985   0472-7100066


School address:Baotou Foreign Language Experimental School, west side, Weiyi Road and Weiqu Road crossroads, New District, Baotou(New District, west side of the Worker’s Mansion)

Sign up, appointments, consultations address:2nd Floor Administration Building, Baotou Number Nine Middle School Foreign Language School, Qingshan Road, Jiiuyuan District, Baotou