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Our Canteen

Our Canteen

Canteen Facilities

  • The canteen is a European style, multi-function two story building. The first floor can accommodate 556 students eating at the same time. The first floor also have a dance stage and therefore can be used by the students for various shows and activities.
  • The second floor of the canteen has an art room, piano room, dance room as well as an area for exhibiting the students’ work. After eating, according to the students’ own talents and interests they can choose a selective course.
  • So as to ensure the students maintain a nutritious, balanced diet, all types of Chinese and Western foods are provided.
  • The food preparation area and where the students eat are separated thus fully guaranteeing the students have a comfortable eating environment.

Management Style

  • So as to ensure students can eat on time, according to school year the students will enter the canteen. Year 1 and 2 students will eat first and Year 3 and above will have a staggered eating time.
  • The canteen and the kitchens are separated so as to create a ‘no odour’ eating environment.