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Our Dormitory

Our Dormitory

Our school pursues a “we are family” approach to our dormitory. Using this ‘family’ method of care, it makes the students feel that the school is their second home as well as helping the students to learn how to deal with other people, make friends and take care of themselves.

Dormitory Facilities

  • Each dormitory accommodates 4 people. Each of the low beds contains drawers for the students to store things.
  • In each dormitory there is a table for reading and a book shelf (the school recommends paper books) wet and dry are separated by having a separate wash basin.
  • On the same floor as the dormitory is the bathroom.
  • On the same floor as the dormitory is a place for the students to wash their clothes.
  • Each floor has a common study area, therefore students studying and resting won’t affect each other.

Management Style


Every two floors will have a dedicated, experienced housemaster who will be responsible for guiding the students through their studies and dorm life and helping them maintain a balance.

House matron:

Each floor will have one matron. The matron is responsible for making sure the student’s complete their cleaning duties.

The matron will set different tasks to students of different ages:

To students in Year 3 and below, the matron will instruct the students how to do basic duties, wash their clothes and clean up; as well as instructing the students of what is expected of them.

To the students above Year 3, the matron will monitor more of what the students do. They will monitor the students in how they look after themselves and give the students useful help and advice which will raise their ability to live and survive independently.


The cleaners will be responsible for cleaning the communal areas.